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From "Hågen P. Hasle" <>
Subject Re: Attach source in Eclipse
Date Mon, 22 Feb 2010 13:51:50 GMT

Could you explain to me how you do this with 2 separate retrieves?  I'm 
still struggling with the same problem.

I haven't configured IvyDE to retrieve the jars at all, it refers to the 
jars directly in the ivy cache.  But the sources are never copied into 
the cache..

regards, Haagen

John skrev:
> Is it possible to get get jars as "name"-"version".jar and sources as
> "name"-"version"-source.jar within 1 retrieve statement? If yes, how?
> How to do it in 2 separate retrieves is clear to me.
> 2010/2/13  <>:
>> Thank you for your answer.
>> I have tried to put the sources in the same directory as the lib in the
>> maven repo, and named them with "name"-"version"-source.jar. That didn't
>> help.
>> What I don't understand is how I can set the type of the artifact in the
>> maven repo? In my ivy.xml files I've always written "compile->default" when
>> I depend on a file in maven. I tried to write "compile->source", but then
>> Ivy told me I had used a nonexisting type.
>> I guess it would have been easier if I had used an Ivy-repo instead of a
>> Maven-repo, but we use Maven in other projects, so I wanted to share the
>>  repo.
>> Regards, Hågen
>> Sendt fra min iPhone
>> Den 13. feb. 2010 kl. 10.36 skrev Nicolas Lalevée
>> <>:
>>> Le 10 févr. 2010 à 14:13, Hågen P. Hasle a écrit :
>>>> Can nobody help me with this?  Am I asking the wrong question, or not
>>>> giving enough information?
>>>> Or maybe I'm giving too much information.  All I want is to attach source
>>>> to a library in Eclipse that IvyDE resolves for me from a local filebased
>>>> Maven repository.  I'm sure there must be a way to do this..?
>>> The sources are automatically attached based on the found artifacts of a
>>> module. IvyDE will look for source artifacts which has the type "source" or
>>> "src" or "sources" (configurable in the container configuration panel), and
>>> it will try to make the name match with suffixes: for X.jar it will search
>>> for X.jar, X-src.jar, X-sources.jar, X-source.jar, (also configurable).
>>> But there is an issue with transitive dependencies of source and javadoc
>>> in the maven integration [1] which might get your case not working.
>>> Nicolas
>>> [1]
>>>> Regards, Haagen
>>>> Hågen P. Hasle skrev:
>>>>> Hi!
>>>>> I have rewritten a rather big project to use Ivy and IvyDE in Eclipse.
>>>>>  It's working good, but I'm not sure how to attach sourcecode to the
>>>>> dependencies in Eclipse.
>>>>> We are using a filebased Maven-repo on a network share, and I've built
>>>>> this repo from our old (manual) dependencies.  I've seen some suggestions
>>>>> to how you can attach sources in Eclipse, but if I understand correctly
>>>>> of them assume you use an Ivy repo.
>>>>> This is from the settings-file for the shared repo:
>>>>> <ivysettings>
>>>>>  <resolvers>
>>>>>     <filesystem name="shared" m2compatible="true" local="false">
>>>>>          <artifact
>>>>> pattern="L:\nsbesb\maven\repository/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]"
>>>>> />                  </filesystem>
>>>>>  </resolvers>   </ivysettings>
>>>>> If I for example have a jar-file called X.jar in the repo, then I have
>>>>> tried to add a x-sources.jar.  This seems to be the way it is done in
>>>>> and from the (rather sparse) documentation I've found for IvyDE, it seems
>>>>> be the way it's supposed to be done in Ivy(DE) too.
>>>>> I've tried a couple of different approaches (adding a sources-conf,
>>>>> adding another artifact to the settings-file for the shared repo, ++),
>>>>> so far without luck.  Can anyone help me?
>>>>> Regards, Haagen Hasle

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