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From Carl Quinn <>
Subject Re: Getting a module's artifacts for build
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2010 05:22:51 GMT

Good idea using properties, I might try that out.

My main motivation for eliminating the duplication is that we have hundreds
of modules that I am convincing teams to convert to Ivy. If I can move all
the imperative logic to a common core of Ant imports, then all we need in
each project is the ivy.xml and maybe a tiny build.xml stub. Works with Ant,
and works with IvyDE and IntelliJ. A very easy sell if I can pull it off :)

I think I will try my hands at an Ivy plugin to add an extended info task.

Mitch Gitman wrote:
> Carl, interesting use case. I can't think of any existing Ivy task that
> accomplishes what you're looking for.
> And I can't say I'd be motivated myself to go to the lengths you're going
> to
> to avoid redundancy. However, I can attest that I have run into trouble
> where I've changed the name of an artifact I'm publishing but I forgot to
> change the name in the ivy.xml. Then I'd be poring over an error message
> like:
> impossible to publish artifacts for [module]: missing
> artifact [artifact]
> This problem is strictly a matter of keeping track of the same name in two
> places. And the straightforward solution is to use a ${} Ant property
> placeholder for the artifact name in the ivy.xml--since property
> substitutions are allowed in source (unpublished) ivy.xml files.
> On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 7:54 PM, Carl Quinn <> wrote:
>> Yes, I've had that part all figured out for awhile. I can build and
>> publish
>> all my simple projects now.
>> What I would like to do next is to remove all knowledge of specific
>> artifacts from my Ant files, and derive the artifact build actions from
>> the
>> metadata already available in the ivy.xml file. (I don't like redundancy)
>> So, I would like to have something like Ivy:info that also gave me the
>> artifact declarations from my module's ivy file, including extra
>> attributes
>> if possible. All of that this is well before publish. I could then know
>> what
>> to build and put into the dist dir and then invoke publish on all of
>> that.
>> Ideas? Or should I write a new Ivy Ant task?

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