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From Pavel Sharov <>
Subject Re: Artifact revision not updated at retrieve
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2010 19:13:50 GMT
I've just found this same issue has already beed raised before, and the
solution to use <caches checkUpToDate="false"/> in ivysettings.xml
does help: .

Still it looks like just a workaround to me. Again, is this supposed
to be like that? In what case would I be satisfied with the default
checkUpToDate=true value here?
Thanks in advance guys for any response.

Monday, February 8, 2010, I wrote:

PS> Hi All!

PS> I have moduleA which depends on moduleB of revision 0.2. I do retrieve
PS> for moduleA, using an [artifact].[ext] pattern, and get locally b.jar
PS> of revision 0.2. Then I edit moduleA's ivy.xml to make it depend on
PS> moduleB's previous revision 0.1, and redo retrieve. As a result, I
PS> still find local b.jar of revision 0.2, so it does not by some reason
PS> get overwritten with revision 0.1.
PS> If I previously delete local b.jar of revision 0.2 manually, I
PS> successfully get revision 0.1 after second retrieve. Also, if I use
PS> retrieve pattern like [artifact]-[revision].[ext], it also goes well
PS> and b-0.2.jar gets replaced with b-0.1.jar.
PS> So, is this the expected behavior? I assume this is something to do
PS> with artifacts's last-modified date: if I manually make the earlier
PS> revision's artifact date later in the repository, then my problem
PS> vanishes. Looks much like Ant <copy> logic, but is it
PS> appropriate in this case?
PS> I am using Ivy 2.1.0 with default ivysettings. Retrieve's sync
PS> parameter does not affect the situation.

PS> Pavel

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