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From Alex Foreman <>
Subject Transient dependency or specified dependency?
Date Mon, 18 Jan 2010 17:02:01 GMT
Imagine this scenario.

I have Junit 4.7.0 which depends on Hamcrest 1.1.0.
I specify the two numbers in properties in a file which can be updated.

If i specify Both dependencies then I get the new version if the file
is update to Hamcrest 1.2.0.

If i only specify Junit in my ivy.xml then when the file updates I
will still pickup the 1.1.0 dependency not the later 1.2.0 release as
it is found via the junit ivy file.

In my version matcher is there any meta data that I can use to
discover if the module asked for was brought in transitively or if it
was directly specified?  If there is then I can use this to make sure
that any non-specifed transitive dependencies can be forced to later
revisions automatically.


Alex Foreman

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