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From Carlton Brown <>
Subject TTL not applied when using resolver attributes changingRevision or checkModified
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2010 17:45:32 GMT
I have observed that TTL rules are not applied when a URL resolver uses 
the changingPattern or checkmodified attribute.

For example, a definition like:
<url name="thirdparty" changingPattern=".*SNAPSHOT" 
latest="latest-revision" checkmodified="true">

does not respect the TTL, but if you remove changingPattern and 
checkmodified, then it complies with the TTL.

I believe it is preferable that the TTL should be effective even if 
these properties are specified on the resolver.   If my cache is fully 
populated, then an infinite TTL should permit me to work comletely offline.

Does anyone agree/disagree that a JIRA should be opened for this?


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