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From Andreas Axelsson <>
Subject RE: Preferred local repository?
Date Mon, 21 Dec 2009 16:55:43 GMT
Yes Mitch, you're of course right. I meant to write shared/enterprise, but had been looking
at Artifactory for some hours where local is anything in-house. We're actually using the default
local/shared/public type setup with our own paths at the moment and the shared/public ones
are the ones I want to make sure I set up in the best possible manner.


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From: Mitch Gitman [] 
Sent: den 21 december 2009 16:15
Subject: Re: Preferred local repository?

Andreas, just to get the terminology straight, there are really three broad
categories of repository:
* local
* shared/enterprise
* public

The term "local" in this context refers to a location on the
developer/tool/client's own machine. I think you're using the word "local"
to talk about shared repositories.

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