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From <>
Subject RE: Dependency descriptor mediation
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2009 17:33:00 GMT
Hi All,

I'm still struggling with this...can anybody point me in the direction of someone who might
be able to help?

Just fyi - we are hoping to use Ivy to drive SOA integration; that is, we will be versioning
web services, no binary artefacts at all! We love the pretty pictures we can from the Report
that show are service dependency graph, but unless we can fix specific nodes in the graph
to specific versions, we're stuffed and will have to write our own. I guess we could use Ivy
xml format...


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Carnegie James (Nokia-S/Bristol)
> Sent: 26 November 2009 10:37
> To:
> Subject: Dependency descriptor mediation
> Hi All,
> I'm hoping someone can help with the following problem:
> I have a complex dependency graph in which all dependencies are
> resolved dynamically (using Version Range Matcher  -
> revConstraint="[1.1,2.0[" for example). I have a use case in which I
> need to override the revision of a particular transitive dependency
> from the root of my graph, without having to introduce a dependence on
> that transitive dependency in my root node.
> My understanding of the documentation is that using the <override>
> element in my root node's <dependencies> element will achieve this:
> milestone/ivyfile/override.html
> I'm puzzled however, by the results of my experiments with this. If I
> make the value of "rev" outside what is permitted by the
> "revConstraint" on that dependency, I get the following message:
> [ivy:resolve] dependency descriptor has been mediated: dependency:
>;1.1 {*=[*]} => dependency:
> MyDependency;0.9 {*=[*]}
> While this sounds like it's doing the job, the resulting report shows
> that this mediation has not occurred at all. If I set the "rev" in the
> <override> to a value that sits inside the "revConstraint", my desired
> use case, the above log message does not appear, and the report also
> shows that the override has been ignored.
> Are <override> elements ignored for dynamic resolution? If so, does
> anybody know a way of achieving this given I have no conflicts?
> Could it be that I'm using the default
> Kind regards,
> James.

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