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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: IvyDE workspace resolution with Maven projects
Date Sat, 19 Dec 2009 15:32:48 GMT
On Thu, 17 Dec 2009 11:48:50 -0700, Philipp Wetzler
<> wrote:
> Hello,
> now that my dependency resolution works on the command line, I'm
> encountering a problem with IvyDE, and I'm not sure if this is the
> behavior. My Ivy-managed Eclipse project depends on other projects that
> managed by Maven. Some of those projects I also have open as projects in
> Eclipse; the org, name and revision match exactly.
> I enabled "resolve dependencies in workspace" for the project in the
> properties of the ivy.xml classpath container, but that seems to have no
> effect. I'm not sure where I'd look for a trace of the workspace
> activities, but there's nothing in the log files, and the respective
> dependencies are resolved in the normal, download-the-artifact way.
> An obvious explanation would be if the workspace resolver doesn't work
> Maven projects -- nothing in the docs seems to confirm or deny that.
> Alternatively, I misconfigured something, in which case: how do I go
> debugging my configuration of IvyDE?

Does your maven project is managed by the M2Eclipse plugin or IvyDE ?
The workspace resolver will only work on projects that are managed by
IvyDE. More precisely, it will search for every Java project which has an
IvyDE dependency container configured. For instance it could work with an
M2Eclipse project which have also the Java nature, and in which there is a
IvyDE container; but this probably would make a classpath hell...


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