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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: [IvyDE] Using a custom build of Ivy
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2009 15:11:12 GMT
On Thursday 03 December 2009 16:34:18 Matt Benson wrote:
> My team is easing into a setup whereby we point Ivy at an OSS Nexus
> repo (minimum cost/maintenance from my perspective with great
> support), using IvyDE in Eclipse.  Further, we use Genuitec Pulse to
> manage our Eclipse configurations.  I'd like to set up a local update
> site to host a trunk build of Ivy so we can benefit from the bug fix
> that addresses picking up updated M2 changing releases/SNAPSHOTs (I'm
> too lazy to go look up the specific JIRA issue).  Can I simply svn co
> the ivy-updatesite, override the updatesite.url property to where I
> want to serve it from, and point it to the correct ivy.jar?

Just and only that no. But with a little of more work you can be successfull.

Either you want to use the optimized version of the updatesite (since eclipse 
3.4 IIRC), or use the simple version. The optimized version is to deal with 
bandwidth concerns.

If you want to use the optimized version, you will need to produce a which will contain the aggregated data of what you will have in 
your updatesite. You will also need to compress another time you plugins 
(produce the *.jar.pack.gz). If you want to do, I recommand you to read our 
release documentation [1]. We have some ant targets to manage the optimized 
update quite easily.

You may also prefer the simpler solution if you don't have any bandwidth 
concerns. Then your update site will only contain the jars and the site.xml. 
To do so, remove the file, every jar.pack.gz files. And in the 
site.xml remove the attributes pack200="true" and digestURL="./".



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