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From Andrew Thorburn <>
Subject Re: Versioning Best Practices?
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2009 04:21:28 GMT
Hey everyone, thanks for all your responses.

Seems like timestamps are pretty common. I assume you set the
timestamp with Ant, as part of the build? Not sure exactly how to do
that, but I don't image it will be hard. Also, do you clean out your
local repositories at all? Or does it just keep on building up? Or do
you have good enough unit tests that you don't *need* to create
artifacts very often?

Keith: Thanks for the hint about changing="true", I'll give it a shot
as soon as I'm back on our Ivy-using project. I also like the idea of
using latest.${ivy.publication.status}, but I don't suppose you know
if I can limit the version number to a range as well? e.g. limit a
*release* to the latest *release* in the range [1.0.0,1.1.0[ ? While
it *shouldn't* matter for now, I could see a situation where a client
is on Version X of the software, which uses the 1.0.* branch, but
another client is on Version Y of the software, which includes the
1.1.* branch - with the 1.1.* branch introducing breaking changes. As
such, maintenance work may be needed on the 1.0.* branch (because the
client is still using it and willing to pay for changes), but I don't
want the clients using the 1.0.* branch picking up the release
versions of the 1.1.* branch (because then everything would break).
Does that make sense?

But yeah, definitely several interesting ideas here that I'm gonna
need to spend some more time thinking on. :-)


- Andrew Thorburn

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