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From Felix Dorner <>
Subject Dynamically switching 'latest' property requires to delete cache
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2009 16:41:40 GMT

In my module's ivy file i declare a dependency like this: 

<dependency org="myorg" name="myname" rev="latest.${status}"/>

In IvyIDE, I specify a properties file in the settings dialog. This properties file defines
the value of ${status}. I'm now doing some test runs, using a clean ivy cache.

1) I set status=snapshot. As a result, the dependent module is resolved and placed in the
classpath container. Great.

2) I now update to status=integration. None of 'refresh'/'resolve'/'reload settings' updates
the classpath container. The snapshot version from step 1) is kept in the classpath container.
My repository only publishes a snapshot version of the dependent module, so I'd expect a resolve
error here.

3) I now delete the ivy cache directory, and press 'resolve' again. Now IvyIDE fails in resolving,
because there's no integration version of my dependent module in the repository. This is expected

Can anyone explain what happens in 2)?

Thanks a lot for your help,

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