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From Jonathan Oulds <>
Subject Re: Using Ivy to automate build
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2009 16:25:45 GMT
Dear all,

Thank you for your input to my question.  It seems to me that 
ivy:buildlist will not generate a different build order dependant on the 
configuration and having read the comment from Mitch

Also, I would dispute one assumption you make in response to Alex: 
"however, why should I have to worry about building MacOsX+Release when 
I just want to test my Win32 build i.e. (Win32+Test)."

I would argue that you want a multimodule build to build every project, 
even if you only want a particular path through the projects. This way 
you know that your full system is published and ready to use regardless 
of the conf desired. The only advantage to only building a slice of your 
projects is saving time. But really, the last thing a multimodule build 
"from scratch" should be about is saving time.

That is the correct way to use it and to be honest, having thought about 
it a bit more, I agree.  The apparent "issue" with ivy:buildlist was not 
a real issue at all, but merely highlighted a fault with the way our 
project was organised.

Thank you all again.

Jonathan Oulds wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am using Ant+Ivy to specify the dependencies within a large software 
> project containing a mixture of C++ and Java code.  I then use 
> ivy:buildlist to ensure that all targets are build in the correct order.
> However I have now run into a problem.  Namely that the list of 
> build.xml files may be different for different configurations, however 
> ivy:buildlist does not seem to take account of configuration information 
> within ivy files.
> Now I'm sure the the answer to this will be "simply resolve each project 
> before it is built, then the build order is irrelevant" however in this 
> particular case I need to build without access to the artefact repository.
> Am I out of luck in hoping that Ivy can help automate my build.  Or has 
> anyone come across the same problem and arrived at an ingenious solution?
> Thanks in advance
> Jonathan

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