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From Tom Widmer <>
Subject Re: Disconnected resolution
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2009 11:17:25 GMT
Craig Setera wrote:
> Hello,
> We are still getting our heads around all that Ivy offers and trying to 
> apply it to our build infrastructure along with Hudson.  In general, 
> things are working pretty well for us, but while on a flight last week, 
> I found that despite having a fully primed resolution cache, that 
> resolution still wanted to call out and check the cache, causing build 
> failures while disconnected.  It was my understanding that the caching 
> should have been able to take care of this, but obviously we aren't 
> doing something correctly.  I'm hoping someone can  shed some light on 
> what we might be doing wrong.  Our Ivy settings file is embedded below.
> Thanks for any insights,
> Craig

When running disconnected, you could set:
to "eternal". This means that cached dynamic revisions should not be 
re-checked at all. You can also do this explicitly using a cache element:

<cache name="remote-cache" useOrigin="false" blah>
   <ttl duration="${remote.ttl.duration}"/>

(use this cache for your svn resolvers)

Now your ant script can somehow arrange to set remote.ttl.duration to 
"eternal" if you are offline, or to 0ms (or similar) if you are online.


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