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From "Glidden, Douglass A" <>
Subject RE: Different revision schemes for different status
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2009 20:02:23 GMT

I'm not necessarily an Ivy "power user", but that scheme definitely looks reasonable to me;
it's actually quite similar to the one I'm using on my project.  AFAIK, the only customizing
you would need to do for this scheme is to set up a custom latest-revision in your latest-strategies
with specialMeaning elements for "M" and "I", for instance assigning "M" a value of -2 and
"I" a value of -3.  See the "latest-strategies" page of the docs (
for more details on setting up custom latest-strategies.

Doug Glidden
Software Engineer
The Boeing Company

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From: []
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2009 15:44
Subject: Different revision schemes for different status

I'm starting with ivy, trying to set up a company repository.
I'd like to use different revision schemes based on the status of a module. For example:

Status 'release' => just version number, e.g 1.0 Status 'milestone' => version number
+ 'M' + milestone number, e.g. 1.0-M1 Status 'integration' => version number + 'I' + build
date, e.g.

Does such a scheme look reasonable, or even dangerous?

Thanks for any comment,

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