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From Andreas Axelsson <>
Subject RE: Timestamps
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2009 16:05:03 GMT
Unfortunately that would cause all artifacts to always be copied fresh, even if nothing has
changed. The post-download-artifact trigger is called for all files even if it's not actually

I guess I wasn't too clear on the distinction in my first email, but what I really wanted
was to have any artifact which is replaced in my library folder to get the current time/date,
regardless of the repository/cache date of the file.

I'm not actually using Ivy for a Java project, so I'm not up to date on Java programming,
but I guess this could be a time to dig out the old patching skills.

I imagine a "touch_retrieved_files" option on the retrieve task would sort out my problems.

My other issue with the retrieve engine relying on dates when copying so that one cannot revert
to an older version ("Retrieve fails to revert to earlier version") would have to be fixed
as well, but I'm not sure if I think that should be a new option, it sounds more like a bugfix
to me.


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From: news [] On Behalf Of Tom Widmer
Sent: den 26 oktober 2009 19:29
Subject: Re: Timestamps

Andreas Axelsson wrote:
> How can I get Ivy to always set the current time as the modification time of retrieved
files so that build tools relying on time stamps work correctly without having to clean and
rebuild? Currently it preserves the repository time stamp.
> I currently use the last RC that was out before 2.1.0.

You could possibly use a post-download-artifact trigger (in your 
     <ant-call target="touch" event="post-download-artifact"/>

Then in your build script:

<target name="touch">
   <touch file="${file}"/>

Or something like that.


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