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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: sources as conf or type
Date Sat, 31 Oct 2009 19:13:30 GMT

Le 30 oct. 2009 à 04:43, Stephen Haberman a écrit :

> Niklas Matthies-2 wrote:
>> If types were hierarchical nodes in a category graph, and a mapping
>> mechanism would be provided like for confs, then I would agree with
>> you. Types would be almost like a second type of confs then. Which I
>> think would be very useful.
> Hm...true, types are flat and non-mappable.
> For me living mostly in a java/ibiblio world, the "all binaries"  
> super type
> isn't a problem--since I haven't used ivy for non-java projects, I  
> don't
> know how often the "any binary type even if I don't know about it  
> ahead of
> time" thing would come up. Though I understand the gist of it.
> Niklas Matthies-2 wrote:
>>> Where I'll get the jetty source but not the jetty-util source
>>> because they forgot the "sources->sources(*)" mapping.
>> Luckily there's dual resolvers. ;)
>> Yes, it's not ideal, but at least you *can* do something about it  
>> that
>> way.
> Hehe, okay, technically yes, but yuck. The pom->ivy translation  
> works well
> enough for me that I'd prefer to not maintain other projects' ivy  
> files by
> hand just because of the non-transitive source.
> Which I talked myself into it being a bug:

Sorry I didn't have time to reply to this interesting discussion.  
Actually I already have that discussion around the same issue in pom /  
ivy mapping there:

I "just" (shame on me) forgot to actually implement the solution we  
agreed on. I'll do soon.


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