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From Alex Foreman <>
Subject How to programaticly gather all the artifacts from an ivy file.
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2009 14:51:03 GMT
Hey Guys,

I have a runscript generator which is driven by ivy.
Currently however I am only including the main jar my build creates.

If someone has a artifact list like this:

<artifact name="prod" ext="jar" type="jar" conf="runtime" />
<artifact name="prodstandalone" ext="jar" type="jar" conf="standalone" />

<artifact name="qa" ext="jar" type="jar" conf="qa-runtime" />

<artifact name="prod-spring" ext="xml" type="xml" />
<artifact name="qa-spring" ext="xml" type="xml" />

I wish to be able to use Ivy to say for my ivy.xml tell me all
artifacts that are in 'x' config.
This way I can setup my classpath on the fly and be completely driven
from Ivy.xml

Is there any easy way to do this.  I'm not to keen on writing a
separate xml parser to gather this information which I would presume I
should have access to already.

Many thanks in advance!

Alex Foreman

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