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From Douglas Bullard <>
Subject Re: Ivy Tools Suite now available!
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2009 04:33:23 GMT
I’m not sure this would be a good fit, for a couple of reasons…

These are all designed to be client apps to help manage a vanilla  
repository, whereas archiva would be a server-based solution.  Given  
that at my company, getting anything installed on the server requires  
umpteen approvals takes forever, the client side tools don’t, so  
it’s more flexible in my setup.  Archiva also doesn’t really deal  
with your project’s information, which the Grapher app does nicely.

Even though it’s client-based, the Browser (the slowest of the tools,  
because it has to parse the entire repository) is still pretty quick -  
10-15 seconds to parse a large repository.  Plus, you get the snappy  
client tool response, which you never get in a server-based  
application (unless it’s in GWT or something).

I’ve thought about hooking the Grapher up into the Browser, that  
shouldn’t be too hard (just replace your project’s ivy.xml file  
with the library in question)…

The biggest drawback with my setup is the requirement for the graphing  
stuff that GraphViz be installed on the client system.  But, if people  
want the pretty pictures, that’s usually not an issue ☺

Thanks for the feedback - I’ve already received a few feature  
requests (like tying the Grapher into the Browser), and a couple of  
bug reports.

Douglas Bullard

On Oct 12, 2009, at 11:52, Georges Labrèche wrote:

> Interesting. Ever thought of contributing work to the guys at  
> Archiva? The Grapher would be an interesting feature to have in it!
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Douglas Bullard []
> Sent: Saturday, October 10, 2009 8:18 PM
> To:
> Subject: Ivy Tools Suite now available!
> I use Ivy daily in large projects, and it's made life a whole lot
> easier.  But I always felt it was lacking in tools for managing and
> browsing repositories - so I wrote some.  A suite of tools, actually.
> They're all open-source, available on my Google Code project (Ivy-
> Tools).
> To download and use these (they're all Java WebStart, requiring JRE
> 1.6+), go to my project page at:
> What are the tools?  There are four of them:
> Ivy Browser - Search an Ivy repository for libraries, packages, and
> versions by key words.  Click on a line in the UI to paste the needed
> text into your Ivy file.
> Ivy Builder - Easily add new items into your repository, and link the
> dependencies to existing items.  Generates the repository XML file and
> needed checksums.
> Ivy Grapher - My favorite!  Graph your Ivy reports (in the .ivy
> folder) to see what's not being used. Redundant or evicted revisions
> called out by your ivy.xml file show up in red.  Example images are
> visible on a link here.  Note that this application needs AT&T's
> GraphViz viewer to be installed to work (OS X, Linux, and Windows) -
>  .
> Ivy Formatter: - Easily format your Ivy files so they're pretty.
> Lines up all those orgs, modules, revs, etc.
> Feedback is appreciated - bugs welcome.  This is a Google Code
> project, so if you've got ideas, contributors are welcome.
> Enjoy!
> Douglas Bullard

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