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From Felix Dorner <>
Subject Re: ivysettings.xml
Date Mon, 19 Oct 2009 18:52:42 GMT
Fredrik Lindberg wrote:
> I am trying to setup an enterprise repository using ivy. 
Hey, me too!

> My problem is how
> to externalize ivysettings.xml from projects. I don't e.g. want there to be
> any absolute paths in the build file to ivysettings.xml. This is something
> that should be localy configured for each user/machine. 
I thought I'd just use an ant property for this. Then everyone is 
responsible for defining the property according to his setup.
The src/examples/depender example does it like this too.

> A user might e.g.
> chose to use a copy of the company repository when working offline and
> accessing it via a URL normally. Also I have to take into account that some
> users use unix/linux and others windows. There might e.g. differences in how
> paths are managed.
> I have thought about overriding the default ivysettings.xml and I have read
> how to change the default settings, but it does not say how to make use of
> them here(!):
Bummer. I thought exactly the same thing. It's unclear from the tutorial 
how to change the settings.
I guess you just do so by setting 'ivy.settings.dir' and place your own 
ivy-settings.xml there.

Have a look at the src/example/depender project, this was pretty easy to 
understand (well not all of it, but..)

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