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From Jaikiran <>
Subject Re: Programmatic use of Ivy
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2009 11:02:12 GMT

Tjeerd Verhagen wrote:
> What are you trying to achieve? What was the original idea, which (maybe /
> probably) could be solved by using Ivy in stand alone mode?
Ah! I now realize that i did not give some context on what i was trying to
achieve. I have a custom "installer" which can install "components" (let's
just call them that). Each component can "depend" on other components. So
while installing, i should make sure that all the dependencies are
satisfied. Instead of re-inventing the wheel of dependency management (and
conflict management), i plan to use Ivy's dependency manager to take care of
these dependencies during installation.

So my installer, which is an Java program *internally* needs to use Ivy to
take care of these dependencies. Sort of Embedded Ivy (if that's the right
word). To give a more clear idea, consider the case of Ant which provides
Java APIs (for example: which you can use
within your own programs to do achieve the same functionality that you would
have achieved through running ant standalone command.

Tjeerd Verhagen wrote:
> Maybe you should create your own version of the Main (by copying it) and
> modify it in the way you want to use it (remove the System.exit(calls)
> etc.
> It probably does not have use any package private classes. So it should be
> possible (even creating your own package name then).
Although i probably won't use the Main, but i definitely am going to do
something similar to what Main currently does. i.e. I am going to see which
(undocumented) APIs it uses to achieve its features. So yes, the JIRA that
you pointed to, did provide some useful inputs :)

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