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Subject Re: Is there a real(!) advantage of Ivy over placing the depends in the VCS
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2009 21:58:50 GMT
> Sometimes the source of the problem (which
> usually manifests itself as being unable to locate an artifact that is quite
> clearly there) is a problem with how ivy was configured, and   
> sometimes it could
> be a user error (e.g. making the ivy-cache read only) but invariably the
> debugging of the problem takes much longer and consumes more development time
> than it ought to.

I remember having had a similar problem (a long time ago) and solved  
this by implementing an Ant "mayday" target: it deletes the ivy-cache,  
the libraries (under the project's lib directory), the classes (under  
build or target directory), the local servers... and leaves the  
development environment with just the source code.

Usually, when anything funny happens, the very first answer is always  
'ant mayday'.

Since the problems are usually user related (and not primarily ivy  
related), I found this a good way to avoid wasting time debugging  
something that rarely happens.



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