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Subject Re: Is there a real(!) advantage of Ivy over placing the depends in the VCS
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2009 09:19:31 GMT

> recently someone recommended Ivy to me because he saw that we were hosting
> our project dependencies in our Subversion repository.

When I see axis.jar in a VCS system, I always ask the question: "do  
you know which version it is?".  If you're serious about managing the  
3rd party libraries, you should be able to answer the question  

You want to upgrade a library from 1.0 to 2.0: how do you remove all  
transitive dependencies from the 1.0 version?  This may not be an  
issue if you have 3-4 jars to manage, but our application has about  
100 direct and indirect dependencies.

You want to test a new version of that library first: you can to it by  
changing just one line in the ivy.xml file and test locally.  The  
upgrade doesn't work: just revert your single change.

> However I see a major disadvantage over dependencies in a VCS repository: If
> a project is dormant for a longer period of time an artifact (i.e. a
> library) may longer be available (in a certain, required version or the
> repository may not exist anymore).

If you download all your dependencies from a Maven repository (check  
the ivyroundup project on googlecode) you are immune to that problem  
(as long as the library is available on that repo; but it's Maven's  

Hope this help


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