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From Stephen Nesbitt <>
Subject Re: caching strategies--is there room for a new one?
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2009 01:58:03 GMT
On Tuesday 08 September 2009 04:43:30 pm Mitch Gitman wrote:
> Steve, thanks for getting back.
> I really don't want to go down that rabbit hole of debating
> prolific/promiscuous versioning vs. snapshot versioning.

Unfortunately I think the rabbit hole is a core part of the issue :-( 

I am going to posit that the loss of version information that is a fundamental 
attribute of SNAPSHOT versioning precludes any elegant solution to caching 
short of a dedicated repository. Any other solution is going to be complicated 
and probably not very robust.

I understand that SNAPSHOT versioning is in use and will be used so it needs 
to be addressed. My question is where should it be addressed. When I consider 
SNAPSHOT versioning I find two reasons why it is used: 1) to deal with the 
proliferation  of obsolete versions and  2) to  make it easy to find the 
"latest and greatest". If that is the case - and I'm not missing some other 
reason - then the core purpose of SNAPSHOT versioning is repository management 
and the proper tool for implementing it will be something that does repository 
management. And that's not really Ivy's forte.

I can imagine a scenario where Ivy always does prolific versioning with the 
repository responsible for providing SNAPSHOT capabilities.


Stephen Nesbitt
Absaroka Tech
Build & Configuration Management Consulting

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