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From Geoff Clitheroe <>
Subject Re: Ivy and Maven Repository with nth-level transitive dependencies in POMs
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2009 18:13:44 GMT
Hi Jim,

Ivy will use Maven repos (e.g., and fetch transitive
dependencies without any additional work (it will read the POMS).
We've been using it like this with great success.  You will run into
Maven projects with bad or incorrect POM specs and have to fix them or
work around them but this tends to be older projects.  Ivy roundup is
worth a look if this becomes a problem

Also, some projects may have dependencies in the 'wrong' configuration
and need a manual exclude:

<dependency org="org.apache.activemq" name="activemq-pool" rev="5.2.0"
    		<exclude module="spring-beans"></exclude>

There are also some things you just can't get from a repo (e.g., some
DB drivers).  We run our own 'manual' repo for this with hand rolled
skeleton ivy files.  If you're already using Nexus and caching locally
then you're well advanced anyway.


On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 5:48 AM, Jim Garrison <> wrote:
> Ivy newbie here.
> We have a fairly large project with dependencies on maybe 40 open-source packages available
from Maven (we have a local Nexus repository for caching).
> Many of these open-source packages have their own dependencies, expressed in their POM
files.  From reading the Ivy docs, I believe I'm correct in stating that those dependencies,
and any further transitive dependencies, would not be processed by Ivy since Ivy doesn't do
> Do I have to hand-build that web of dependencies, to ensure that all the required libraries
get retrieved, or is there a tool to POM dependencies into Ivy files, and maintain them as
the underlying POMs change?
> Thanks in advance

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