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From "Sebastian Krysmanski" <>
Subject Is there a real(!) advantage of Ivy over placing the depends in the VCS
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 11:54:33 GMT

recently someone recommended Ivy to me because he saw that we were hosting
our project dependencies in our Subversion repository. I took this
opportunity to have a look at Ivy and on first glance Ivy seemed very nice.
However I see a major disadvantage over dependencies in a VCS repository: If
a project is dormant for a longer period of time an artifact (i.e. a
library) may longer be available (in a certain, required version or the
repository may not exist anymore).

If we were using Ivy this would result in the project no longer being able
to be built. If we're placing the libraries in our SVN repository however,
the project could still be built. How does Ivy "address" this drawback? Is
there any commonly used solution to solve this problem?


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