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From Martin Weber <>
Subject Re: How to specify latest.any status correctly?
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 10:35:19 GMT
Mitch Gitman schrieb:
> Martin, I can vouch that "latest.[any status]", as documented, does work.

Hi Mitch,
thank you for clarifying that.
My Ivy files evolved over time and use any of the forms, which clearly
needs to be unified.

> As for the 2), 3), 4) you cite, I imagine the reason Ivy allows any
> arbitrary text to work is because it allows arbitrary statuses and it
> doesn't know the full set of statuses at the time the dependency revision is

I guess, that the reason why
1) rev="latest.[any status]"
works, too.

>>>From my experience, what I can say does NOT work is "latest" simply by
> itself. For some reason, I had incorrectly recalled that was the way to
> express, "Give me the latest regardless of status," and soon enough found
> out otherwise. Actually, for my money, "latest" by itself would be an
> intuitive shorthand for "latest.[any status]".

I ran into that, too.


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