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From "Patrik Nagel" <>
Subject limitations of latest-compatible conflict manager
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2009 11:50:40 GMT

I've created a simple project with dynamic revisions for its dependencies. I do not understand
why the resolver with the 'latest-compatible' conflict manager is not able to resolve the
dependencies. The resolve process results in an endless loop.
I've seen bug reports regarding the 'latest-compatible' conflict manager in case "additional"
attributes are used. But I think that doesn't match my case since I do not use additional

The configuration and dependencies are as follows:
-A is the master module to be resolved i.e. built
-A depends on module B and C
-C depends on B

Ivy.xml of A (simplified):
 <dependency org="myOrg" name="B" conf="src->src" rev="1.5.0"/>
 <dependency org="myOrg" name="C" conf="src->src" rev="[1.2.0,)"/>

Ivy.xml of B in revision 1.5.0 doesn't have any dependencies.

Ivy.xml of B in revision 1.6.0 doesn't have any dependencies.

Ivy.xml of C in revision 1.2.0:
 <dependency org="myOrg" name="B" conf="*->src" rev="1.5.0"/>

Ivy.xml of C in revision 1.3.0:
 <dependency org="myOrg" name="B" conf="*->src" rev="[1.6.0,)"/>

I would expect that the resolver uses module C in revision 1.2.0 and module B in revision
1.5.0. Instead the resolver elects module C in revision 1.3.0 but this module depends on B
in revision 1.6.0 which is not compatible with module A. As mentioned above, this results
in an endless loop.

If I change the ivy.xml of the module C in revision 1.3.0 as follows, the latest-compatible
conflict manager works as expected:

Ivy.xml of C in revision 1.3.0 without ranges:
 <dependency org="myOrg" name="B" conf="*->src" rev="1.6.0"/>

Is my understanding of the latest-compatible conflict manger wrong or is it a bug? I've reproduced
this behavior with ivy in version 2.0.0 and 2.1.0-rc2.

Thanks in advance!

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