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From Geoff Clitheroe <>
Subject Re: Help with resolver pattern for publishing
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2009 21:45:29 GMT
Hi Topher,

some fragments from our ivy-settings and an ivy file below.  The
pattern in the resolver takes it's values from the settings in the
ivy.xml files so in this case we publish a war, and sources and
javadoc jars.


Ivy settings:

property name="ivy.shared.m2.ivy.pattern"

<property name="geonet.repo" value="" override="false"/>


		<url name="geonet-enterprise-enterprise-http" m2compatible="true">
			<ivy pattern="${geonet.repo}/enterprise/${ivy.shared.m2.ivy.pattern}"/>
			<artifact pattern="${geonet.repo}/enterprise/${ivy.shared.m2.artifact.pattern}"/>


        <artifact name="quake-search-web" type="war" ext="war" conf="master"/>
        <artifact name="quake-search-web" type="source" ext="jar"
conf="sources" m:classifier="sources"/>
        <artifact name="quake-search-web" type="doc" ext="jar"
conf="javadoc" m:classifier="javadoc"/>


On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 9:30 AM, Chris Marks<> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been using Ivy for dependency resolution for a couple months now and I
> love it.  Now I have a project (called data-collector) that I want to
> publish to a private repository to be consumed by other Ivy and Maven
> projects.  My problem is that I want to publish the jar, sources and javadoc
> files to the repository using the ibiblio naming conventions, but can't make
> Ivy publish it the way I want.  Here's what I've been able to do so far:
> I've been able to use <ivy:makePom> to successfully generate a pom.  My
> first publish attempts were successful to the repository (Artifactory) and
> it published with the names data-collector-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar and
> data-collector-1.0-SNAPSHOT.pom.  I used a url resolver with the artifact
> pattern of "
> http://myserver/publishRepo/[organization]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]".
> and publish artifact pattern of "${dist.packageDir}/[artifact].[ext]".
> I then created the source jar on my machine as data-collector-sources.jar
> and tried to publish, to no avail.  I changed where the jar, pom and sources
> files were created to a structure that lead to the publish artifact pattern
> of "${dist.packageDir}/[type]/[artifact].[ext]" and a resolver pattern of
> http://myserver/publishRepo/[organization]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact]-[revision]-[type].[ext].
> This published, but gave me data-collector-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar.jar, which IvyDE
> and other tools would not resolve out of the box.  I want to keep the
> resolution of my artifacts as close to "out-of-the-box" as possible.
> So, how can I configure Ivy and my Ant build script to publish my files as
> data-collector-[revision].jar, data-collector-[revision].pom,
> data-collector-[revision]-sources.jar, and
> data-collector-[revision]-javadoc.jar?
> Thanks,
> topher

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