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From Geoff Clitheroe <>
Subject Re: Depedencies in shared repository
Date Tue, 04 Aug 2009 20:14:25 GMT
On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 7:49 AM, Joshua
Tharp<> wrote:
> Shouldn't your org be org.apache.commons?

There is commons-lang/commons-lang/2.* on central.

Paul, what resolvers are you using?  Can you post you settings files.
The ivy.xml file tells Ivy about your project and it dependencies, the
settings tell Ivy where to try to get the dependencies from.

You will need a resolver for your repo and one that can get
common-lang i.e., a maven resolver for central.

Some of my settings are below, this adds our repos and to the
shared chain which already has the default resolvers (including


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<property name="ivy.shared.m2.ivy.pattern"

	<property name="ivy.shared.m2.artifact.pattern"

	<property name="geonet.repo" value="" override="false"/>


		<url name="geonet-enterprise-manual-http" m2compatible="true">
			<ivy pattern="${geonet.repo}/manual/${ivy.shared.m2.ivy.pattern}"/>
			<artifact pattern="${geonet.repo}/manual/${ivy.shared.m2.artifact.pattern}"/>

		<url name="geonet-enterprise-enterprise-http" m2compatible="true">
			<ivy pattern="${geonet.repo}/enterprise/${ivy.shared.m2.ivy.pattern}"/>
			<artifact pattern="${geonet.repo}/enterprise/${ivy.shared.m2.artifact.pattern}"/>

		<url name="" m2compatible="true">
			<ivy pattern="${ivy.shared.m2.ivy.pattern}"/>
			<artifact pattern="${ivy.shared.m2.artifact.pattern}"/>

                <!-- this resolver is included here only for getting
build numbers
                     is it not made part of the chain -->
                <url name="geonet-enterprise-publish-http">
			<ivy pattern="${geonet.repo}/publish/${ivy.shared.m2.ivy.pattern}"/>
			<artifact pattern="${geonet.repo}/publish/${ivy.shared.m2.artifact.pattern}"/>


		<chain name="shared" returnFirst="true">
			<resolver ref="geonet-enterprise-enterprise-http"/>
			<resolver ref="geonet-enterprise-manual-http"/>
			<resolver ref=""/>


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