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From Pavel Sharov <>
Subject Re: Multi-module dependency configuration
Date Sun, 12 Jul 2009 19:33:15 GMT

in your modules I see in particular the following chain of transitive
dependencies: webapp depends on lookups; if you resolve webapps
against "war" configuration (implicitly, by making ivy:cachefileset as
far as I understand), then, according to mapping, lookup resolves in
"war" as well; lookup in turn depends in "war" conf on
authentication's "compile" conf ("war->compile"); and authentication
finally depends in "compile" conf on j2ee, hence it's included, which
is not what you want, is it? I don't know if you can change lookups
depend on authentication like "war->jar" instead of "war->compile",
anyway this could be the reason, as it seems to me. Sorry if I took it
wrong when trying to interpret which modules correspond to A, B and C
in your previous posts...


Sunday, July 12, 2009, 7:56:26 PM, you wrote:

GW> Yep, sure thing Pavel. Here's a zip containing the ivy.xmls (actually
GW> 6 modules, not 5, sorry), and a brief description of each module:

GW> Authentication produces a jar.
GW> Business-tier produces two different jars (a main one, and a trimmed
GW> version), however the webapp only requires the main one.
GW> Lookups is actually another webapp which results in a war file,
GW> however the webapp is dependent on some of the classes from this
GW> module too. My plan is to expand the lookups war into the exploded
GW> directory of the main webapp prior to creating the webapp war.
GW> Presentation-tier produces both a jar and a zip. The webapp is
GW> dependent on the jar.
GW> Utilities produces a jar.
GW> Finally, the webapp produces the main application's war!

GW> It's a bit of a confusing layout. It's all a legacy system which I'm
GW> trying to improve by at least sorting out the dependency management,
GW> as we don't currently have a very good idea of how it's all related :\

GW> Thanks again for your help!

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