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From Gareth Western <>
Subject Re: Ivy not downloading src / javadoc zips
Date Fri, 31 Jul 2009 16:06:12 GMT
Well, we're not tied to Artifactory for any particular reason. What
Ivy-specific options are there for creating a local repository (e.g.
company wide)? I've read through the "build a repository" tutorial on
the Ivy homepage, however it only seems to talk about a filesystem
repository, whereas we'll need something served over HTTP. I guess a
filesystem repo could be served by sticking HTTPD in front of it. But
one of the useful features of Artifactory is the ability to fetch jars
from remote repositories if they're not stored locally (e.g. fetch
commons-lang-1.5 from Is there anything Ivy-specific
that does this?

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 4:55 PM, Mitch Gitman<> wrote:
> Sky, that is not so.
> Gareth, since you're using Artifactory and hence a Maven repository, I know
> there are some extra hurdles to leap to get Ivy to recognize the weird way
> Maven locates source. If I recall correctly, Maven names the source and
> javadoc archives the same name as the binary. But I could be wrong, and
> someone else will have to fill in just what Ivy does for you automatically
> in this case and what special steps you need to do.
> Now this I see you're using a Maven repository, this may not be very
> helpful, but let me speak from my own situation where I am in full control
> of my Ivy repository and can create and name artifacts as I wish.
> I don't need javadoc much, but as far as source, typically what I'll do is
> create a separate "source" Ivy conf, or multiple "*-source" Ivy confs. Then
> on the corresponding artifact, I'll apply that conf and specify
> type="source". Something like:
> <artifact name="mylibrary-source" type="source" ext="jar" conf="source"/>
> Notice that the source artifact name has a -source suffix. Presumably,
> there's a mylibrary.jar for the binary. If you're using IvyDE with Eclipse,
> you need to use one of those suffix conventions to allow source to be
> automatically loaded when you need it, rather than having to go track it
> down. Here are the accepted suffixes:
> -source,-sources,-src
> I forget if IvyDE will automatically find source with a .zip extension or
> some other archival extension or whether it needs to be .jar. Check the
> IvyDE docs:

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