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From Gareth Western <>
Subject Re: Multi-module dependency configuration
Date Sun, 12 Jul 2009 16:56:26 GMT
Yep, sure thing Pavel. Here's a zip containing the ivy.xmls (actually
6 modules, not 5, sorry), and a brief description of each module:

Authentication produces a jar.
Business-tier produces two different jars (a main one, and a trimmed
version), however the webapp only requires the main one.
Lookups is actually another webapp which results in a war file,
however the webapp is dependent on some of the classes from this
module too. My plan is to expand the lookups war into the exploded
directory of the main webapp prior to creating the webapp war.
Presentation-tier produces both a jar and a zip. The webapp is
dependent on the jar.
Utilities produces a jar.
Finally, the webapp produces the main application's war!

It's a bit of a confusing layout. It's all a legacy system which I'm
trying to improve by at least sorting out the dependency management,
as we don't currently have a very good idea of how it's all related :\

Thanks again for your help!

On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 9:49 PM, Pavel Sharov<> wrote:
> Gareth,
> could you then provide the complete ivy.xml info on all your 5 modules?
> -Pavel
> Friday, July 10, 2009, 9:37:22 PM, you wrote:
> GW> Hmmm, so it appears that when module A (the webapp) declares module B
> GW> (jar) as a dependency then then j2ee.jar (B's dependency) is not
> GW> included. However when I also declare module C (another jar, which is
> GW> also dependent on both module B and the j2ee.jar) as a dependency of A
> GW> then the j2ee.jar starts to get included in A (presumably as a
> GW> transitive depdency, somehow?). But I still don't understand why,
> GW> because A declares both B and C dependencies with
> conf="war->>jar;compile->compile" and the j2ee.jar is always listed in
> GW> every ivy.xml with conf="compile->default", which I thought would mean
> GW> it shouldn't be included when using the "war" configuration?
> GW> Sorry if i'm not making much sense. I've been looking at this for too long!
> GW> Cheers,
> GW> Gareth

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