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From Niklas Matthies <>
Subject Re: feature request: configuration intersections only implemented halfway
Date Thu, 30 Jul 2009 14:32:26 GMT
On Wed 2009-07-29 at 23:22h, Garima Bathla wrote on ivy-user:
> So I need to come up with a palette of Ivy confs and a combination of them
> to specify to deliver me the following artifacts:
> mocha.jar
> mocha-tall.jar
> mocha-tall-iced.jar
> Well, I know how to do this the hard way:
> <conf name="mocha" />
> <conf name="mocha-tall" extends="mocha" />
> <conf name="mocha-tall-iced" extends="mocha-tall" />
> Then in my dependency module, I would ask for "mocha-tall-iced". Only
> problem: now I'm stuck with 4+16+32 Ivy confs. There's got to be a better
> way. (Again, I realize that I'm producing a proliferation of artifacts
> regardless.)

Isn't the number of additional confs just proportional to the number
of those special artifacts though? If yes, then this means you have
only O(1) of extra work to do for each such artifact, so to speak.
No extra combinatorial explosion. Or am I missing something?

I'm still curious what the real (non-coffee) domain context is. ;)

-- Niklas Matthies

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