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From Jim Garrison <>
Subject RE: Beginner question - Ivy depencency set --> ANT fileset/classpath?
Date Mon, 01 Jun 2009 17:46:22 GMT

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> Subject: Re: Beginner question - Ivy depencency set --> ANT 
> fileset/classpath?
> The way I do it (and I'm not claiming to be either an expert 
> or using the most elegant means) is I create different 
> configurations for the different classpaths I need in a build 
> (compile, test, deploy) and have a ivy pattern that includes 
> the configuration ${lib.d}/[conf]/[artifact].[ext]. Then in 
> my ant scripts I just use separate filesets like:
> <fileset id="test.classpath" dir="${lib.d}/test" />
> It works pretty well as I don' t have to adjust my classpaths 
> when I add or remove dependencies, and I can treat more of my 
> build generically.

Hmmm.... I looked at <cachepath> and <cachefileset> and these don't
seem to do what I want.  I have, conceptually, a set of global 
dependencies across my entire project, and then some additional sets
of dependencies within various modules I'm building.

Using your approach, it sounds like I would need to build a resolved
lib structure like 

lib/common - dependencies used by all modules
lib/mod1 - dependencies specific to module 1
lib/mod2 - dependencies specific to module 2

and then define 

<fileset id="common" dir="lib/common">
   <include name="*"/>

Sounds like we need an enhancement giving access to the set of dependencies
inside a single <ivy-module> as a list or path, instead of the entire 
<resolve/> set.
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