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From Jim Crossley <>
Subject Re: Trouble getting latest SNAPSHOT deps
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2009 18:36:04 GMT
Sorry for the weird line spacing.  Let's see if this looks any

As highly-configurable as Ivy is, I'm having a very hard time getting
it to emulate the default SNAPSHOT handling behavior of Maven.  I have
configured three chained resolvers: local, shared, and public.

    <filesystem name="local" changingPattern=".*SNAPSHOT">
    <url name="shared" changingPattern=".*SNAPSHOT">
    <ibiblio name="public" m2compatible="true"/>

    <chain name="chained" changingPattern=".*SNAPSHOT" returnFirst="false">
      <resolver ref="local"/>
      <resolver ref="shared"/>
      <resolver ref="public"/>

We have project 'app' that depends on revision SNAPSHOT of project
'lib'. Everyone on my team works in both projects, publishing
lib-SNAPSHOT to the local repository to test their changes in the app,
and our CI server publishes to the shared repository after each
successful build.

When resolving dependencies for 'app' we would like Ivy to choose the
most recent lib-SNAPSHOT.jar, whether that file comes from the local
*OR* the shared repository.  But the chained resolver always chooses
the lib-SNAPSHOT.jar from the first resolver in its chain, regardless
of the value of 'returnFirst'.

We've tried various combinations of attributes, including
checkmodified, latest, ttl, etc.  The all result in the same
frustrating behavior.

It's worth noting that the changingPattern does seem to work: when I
re-publish locally, the cache does get populated with the new file.
But it will never pick up a newer version from the shared cache!

Can someone please tell me how to achieve this?  I'm not sure what
else to try.

Thanks (again),

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