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From Jim Crossley <>
Subject Re: Chain resolver which uses the subresolver with the latest modification time
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2009 14:07:39 GMT
Hi Mads

The only way I've found to force that behavior is to declare my
dependency rev="latest.integration" and of course, ensure that the
status="integration" for each of the modules you publish.  This
assumes you've set latest="latest-time" in your resolvers, of course.


"Tandrup, Mads" <> writes:

> Hello
> We have mayby a bit special situation where we have two repositories that both contains
the same modules with the same version numbers. They are however build at different times.
And we would like to receive the module with the latest publication time.
> But as far as I can see when the chain resolver resolves a specific version, it always
returns the first module with that revision? Is there any way to make the chain resolver go
through all the sub resolves and select the module with the latest modifcation time?
> Best regards,
> Mads
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