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From James Mochel <>
Subject RE: IVY ROCKS!!!
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2009 15:16:18 GMT

While I don't have the time right now to answer the question in detail I do have some example
code that should make it clear very easily:

I have a project on SourceForge that is just starting out that uses a very simple set of build
scripts AND Ivy to do what you want to do.

You want to go to : and look in the common.xml file
under the common-build folder.

The targets you want to look at are:

Staging, Sharing and Release

Stage - Publish the build artifacts for local (i.e. machine local) usage.
Share - Publish the build artifacts for team wide usage
Release - Publish the build artifacts for general (i.e. network) usage.

And the repositories are found in (of course):


I hope that helps and if it doesn't completely clear things up , post to this forum again
and I will respond.

Good Luck,

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From: cshamis [] 
Sent: Friday, June 19, 2009 10:56 AM
Subject: Re: IVY ROCKS!!!

Richard: (et al.)

I'm currently at the reading, crying and testing phase and would very much
like to move to the pizza and understanding stage.  Can you offer any
suggestions, pointers, examples, anything at all that might help me get from
A -> B.

I've got ivy working with the remote central repository (yay!), but I can't
seem to figure out how to setup a "shared" network repository to host
modules that aren't in the central repository.  My project needs to place
modules that *we* write into a shared repository... but I keep hitting brick
walls on how to do this.  I keep finding tutorials that keep saying "yes,
ivy can do that!" but then never tell you *how*.  

I know that ivy can use maven repositories, and I was able to use maven to
create a filesystem based repository that I hosted out on a network drive...
which would be fine for our needs.  --But do you think I'd be able to figure
out how to customize a simply ivy resolver to use that file based
repository?  Seems trivial... so trivial in fact, that I guess nobody wants
to talk about how to do it.  :-/  Arrgh!

Maybe I'm going about this wrong.  Here are my needs.
1.  I need a way to resolve our own jars (project1.jar, subproject3c.jar,
subsubproject18f.jar, etc.)
2.  I need a way to resolve "standard" jars.  (commons-lang, hibernate,
log4j, etc.)

I *think* what I want is a shared repository, that will be "populated" by
our automated build system (hudson) every time we run a new build.  Every
time we make a new jar, it goes into the repository, and can be asked for by
other parts of the project.  The 3rd party jars would probably not have to
change very often.  

I'm starting to get discouraged.  Can anyone share their successes?  

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