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From Christoffer Soop <>
Subject Re: IVY ROCKS!!!
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2009 15:23:30 GMT
You should look into setting up a repository server like

These will not only work as repositories but also proxies/caches.

A simpler option is to set up Apache with mod_dav and publish using webdav.



cshamis skrev:
> Richard: (et al.)
> I'm currently at the reading, crying and testing phase and would very much
> like to move to the pizza and understanding stage.  Can you offer any
> suggestions, pointers, examples, anything at all that might help me get from
> A -> B.
> I've got ivy working with the remote central repository (yay!), but I can't
> seem to figure out how to setup a "shared" network repository to host
> modules that aren't in the central repository.  My project needs to place
> modules that *we* write into a shared repository... but I keep hitting brick
> walls on how to do this.  I keep finding tutorials that keep saying "yes,
> ivy can do that!" but then never tell you *how*.  
> I know that ivy can use maven repositories, and I was able to use maven to
> create a filesystem based repository that I hosted out on a network drive...
> which would be fine for our needs.  --But do you think I'd be able to figure
> out how to customize a simply ivy resolver to use that file based
> repository?  Seems trivial... so trivial in fact, that I guess nobody wants
> to talk about how to do it.  :-/  Arrgh!
> Maybe I'm going about this wrong.  Here are my needs.
> 1.  I need a way to resolve our own jars (project1.jar, subproject3c.jar,
> subsubproject18f.jar, etc.)
> 2.  I need a way to resolve "standard" jars.  (commons-lang, hibernate,
> log4j, etc.)
> I *think* what I want is a shared repository, that will be "populated" by
> our automated build system (hudson) every time we run a new build.  Every
> time we make a new jar, it goes into the repository, and can be asked for by
> other parts of the project.  The 3rd party jars would probably not have to
> change very often.  
> I'm starting to get discouraged.  Can anyone share their successes?  
> -C.

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