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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: Forcing an IvyDE resolve
Date Sat, 06 Jun 2009 09:58:08 GMT

Le 5 juin 09 à 15:27, Kirby Files a écrit :

> Nicolas Lalevée wrote on 06/04/2009 05:56 PM:
>>> When IvyDE fails to resolve (let's say the repo is unreachable), it
>>> removes the Ivy classpath container from the project. With this  
>>> gone,
>>> there is no UI for forcing another resolve (e.g., when the repo  
>>> comes
>>> back online).
>> This is a known issue, see:
> OK, thanks Nicolas. I'll upgrade to Eclipse 3.4, so that I can allow  
> the container to remain.
> The other thing I wonder about, with failed resolves in IvyDE, is  
> whether it wouldn't be better to store and keep the last list of  
> resolved libraries, and only reset the classpath if a resolve  
> *succeeds*.
> As it is now, if I start eclipse and don't have network  
> connectivity, I lose all of my classpath (since IvyDE does an  
> automatic resolve at startup), and I'm unable to do much useful  
> work. I know this could be solved by setting up a complicated  
> hierarchy of resolvers, and somehow synchronizing a local filesystem  
> resolver with my enterprise repository. But it would be much nicer  
> if IvyDE didn't just blow away my classpath due to lack of network  
> connectivity. After all, the jars themselves are all in my ivy  
> cache, still. It's just the resolve which failed.

That is probably a good idea, your are welcomed to open a jira about it.

A workaround thought is to make IvyDE do nothing at Eclipse startup.  
This option will be available in the next release of IvyDE, see:


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