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From Jeffrey Sinclair <>
Subject IvyDE deletes .classpath attributes when container properties are updated
Date Tue, 09 Jun 2009 19:14:29 GMT

I'm finding that when I update the properties of an Ivy Managed
Dependency classpath container, IvyDE deletes the classpath entry and
re-creates it. This causes a problem when other plugins contribute
attributes to the classpath entry. This only happens when settings are
updated, not on a re-resolve.

To give a concrete example. The AspectJ plugin (AJDT) will add some
properties related to which containers are associated to the aspect path
(used for weaving in aspects). 

For example:

<classpathentry kind="con"
    <attribute name="org.eclipse.ajdt.aspectpath.restriction"
    <attribute name="org.eclipse.ajdt.aspectpath" 

Now if I update the settings in the ivy.xml container (say resolve
dependencies from my workspace), the attributes are lost because IvyDE
appears to delete the classpathentry and re add it.

This behaviour is different when compared to adding source code
attachments to an external jar in which the classpath attributes are
preserved even though the classpathentry is updated.

This is causing a significant interop issue between IvyDE and AJDT.

I'm not sure if this is definitely a problem with IvyDE, however I was
wondering if it would be possible to get IvyDE to preserve them?

It would be great to fix this before the final release.


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