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From Geoff Clitheroe <>
Subject Re: Need JAR-files not available in ibiblio (for JavaMail), suggestions
Date Mon, 04 May 2009 20:03:43 GMT

if it's Javax things your after then a lot of it is on

My resolver to use that looks like

<property name="ivy.shared.m2.ivy.pattern" 
<property name="ivy.shared.m2.artifact.pattern" 


<url name="" m2compatible="true">

<chain name="shared">
<resolver ref=""/>

It is a good idea to run an enterprise mirror anyway, have a look at

We run three:
1. mirror - mirrors ibiblio etc so we can build without the world being 
available and control which jars we use in prod code.
2. manual - like the above but not easy to mirror from the wild (e.g., 
some DB drivers).
3. publish - where we publish our own jars etc.


On 05/05/2009 03:49:54 Kent Larsson wrote:

>- I have no ivysettings.xml (only ivy.xml).
>- I have no JAR-files in version control.
>My idea of a solutions:
>- Create a directory named localrepository directly under the project
>root. Setup a file repository for Ivy in it. Check it into version
>- Have Ivy first check if something is in the local file repository,
>then go to ibiblio and check that repository.
>Does the above solution sound good overall?
>Is there any more information on how to create the file repository out
>there? Preferably a tutorial. The page
>has some information but it's for Maven2.
>How would my ivysettings.xml file look like? Currently I don't have
>one, so I'm using the defaults only.
>Best regards, Kent

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