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From Jim Garrison <>
Subject Ivy newbie and Nexus repository
Date Fri, 22 May 2009 16:49:21 GMT
Total Ivy newbie here trying to set up a Nexus repository.  A forum
search turned up the following:
> Add a new resolver
> <ivysettings>
>         <resolvers>
>                 <ibiblio name="public" m2compatible="true" \
> root="${ivy.ibiblio.default.artifact.root}"/>  </resolvers>
> </ivysettings>
> And use ivy.ibiblio.default.artifact.root to point to correct repository ( your nexus
> repository)
However, I'm not sure of the format of the the URL to point to the
nexus repository.  I tried adding the following to build.xml
<property name="ivy.ibiblio.default.artifact.root" value="http://devlinux01:8081/nexus"
The URL points to the Nexus server, but this didn't work:
[ivy:retrieve] :::: ERRORS
[ivy:retrieve]  unknown resolver null
[ivy:retrieve]  no resolver found for commons-lang#commons-lang: check your configuration
[ivy:retrieve]  unknown resolver null
[ivy:retrieve]  no resolver found for commons-cli#commons-cli: check your configuration
Here's my ivysettings.xml:
    <ibiblio name="public" m2compatible="true" root="${ivy.ibiblio.default.artifact.root}"/>


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