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From snowflake <>
Subject Location of configuration files as artifacts
Date Fri, 08 May 2009 23:39:13 GMT

I am not sure how I can set the location of different artifacts which I want
to publish.  I tried a hack, which was to have my publish target copy my
configuration files that I want to publish to the build directory.  I am
very new to Ivy and would appreciate any suggestions.

I would like different configuration types to match my different ivy
views/configurations.  Here is how my ivy.xml is set up:

        <conf name="default" visibility="public" />
        <conf name="deploy" visibility="public" />
        <conf name="test" visibility="public" />

        <artifact name="ivyplay" type="defaultConfigFile"   conf="default"
ext="conf" />
        <artifact name="ivyplay"  type="deployConfigFile"   conf="deploy"
        <artifact name="ivyplay"    type="testConfigFile"   conf="test"

        <artifact name="ivyplay" type="jar" ext="jar" />

As a result, in my repository i would like to see under my project, three
directories, "defaultConfigFiles" , "deployConfigFiles", and

The problem is, I have files with the same exact name, and thus my simple
copying them all to the build directory does not work.

I looked at the documentation and noticed you can set a url for each
artifact, but I don't believe that will solve my problem.  I just need to
somehow notify the publish task of the location(s) of my configuration
files.  I even tried a different publish task for each configuration type to
no avail:

<ivy:publish artifactspattern="${build.dir}/[artifact].[ext]"
resolver="my-repository" pubrevision="${revision}" status="release" />
<ivy:publish artifactspattern="${conf.dir}/[artifact].[ext]"
resolver="my-repository" pubrevision="${revision}" status="release" />
<ivy:publish artifactspattern="${test.conf.dir}/[artifact].[ext]"
resolver="my-repository" pubrevision="${revision}" status="release" />

In general, how does one go about handling configuration files such as
these?  Also, how does one go about removing the revision numbers appended
to the file names of the configuration artifacts?  I'm sure this can be done
manually at some point but is there a better way?  For example, my project
my publish , but in the code i'm simply looking for

any suggestions?



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