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From Kent Larsson <>
Subject Need JAR-files not available in ibiblio (for JavaMail), suggestions
Date Mon, 04 May 2009 15:49:54 GMT


- I have no ivysettings.xml (only ivy.xml).
- I have no JAR-files in version control.

My idea of a solutions:

- Create a directory named localrepository directly under the project
root. Setup a file repository for Ivy in it. Check it into version
- Have Ivy first check if something is in the local file repository,
then go to ibiblio and check that repository.

Does the above solution sound good overall?

Is there any more information on how to create the file repository out
there? Preferably a tutorial. The page
has some information but it's for Maven2.

How would my ivysettings.xml file look like? Currently I don't have
one, so I'm using the defaults only.

Best regards, Kent

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