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From Nik <>
Subject Re: How to Tag Sccs with
Date Tue, 05 May 2009 03:48:24 GMT
Joshua Tharp wrote:
> Have you used the Ivy ant tasks? I use the ivy:info task and ivy:buildnumber
> task to get access to in my Ant script.


Thanks! I had not discovered that ivy:info exported ant properties.
That's exactly what I needed - although it took me a little bit to find 
how to generate the required revision constraint :o)

> On Sun, May 3, 2009 at 7:32 PM, Nik <> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> With a little help from people here I've got my smaller and dependent
>> projects building well, and all is good. Thank you all for this software and
>> your help! :o)
>> So I went to add an extra task to the publish target in my global Ant file,
>> to tag the sccs with the newly generated published version number.
>> The first problem is that is an ivy-only property, and so I
>> can't see it from my Ant task.
>> 1. There seems to be no generic way to promote an Ivy property to being an
>> Ant property.
>> In some cases I've already worked around this by defining the Ant property
>> first and then defining the Ivy property from that.
>> For example my task that deletes artifacts published to my local
>> repository. Again, Ivy provides no way (that I've found) to do this
>> directly, and so I need to somehow share the path information reliably
>> between Ivy and Ant.
>> However I can't do this in this case, because the value is *generated* by
>> ivy (ivy:buildnumber").
>> 2. There are a few tasks in Ivy that *do* promote selected Ivy properties
>> to Ant properties, but these are all in the resolve workflow (eg
>> artifactproperty), and none in the publish workflow (please tell me if I've
>> missed something here).
>> Q1: Can anyone suggest a way to make the resolved available
>> to an Ant task? I've even looked at writing the value to file and reading it
>> from within Ant, but I can't see any easy way of doing this (I consider
>> parsing the XML ivy files in Ant to be hard).
>> Q2: Has anyone considered adding a task to ivy that will promote *any*
>> selected ivy property(ies) to Ant property(ies)?
>> Cheers!
>> Nik

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