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From Nik <>
Subject Re: problems publishing local jar
Date Mon, 04 May 2009 02:29:24 GMT
Kirby Files wrote:
> Nik wrote on 04/28/2009 02:03 AM:
>> I have a number of external JAR files that my project relies on. These
>> jars are not in any Ivy repositories that I am aware of - I just
>> download them.
>> I'm trying to publish/install them into my local Ivy repository, and I'm
>> getting errors.
>> My understanding is that <ivy:deliver> generates the repo metadata for
>> an artifact. Yet I keep getting errors telling me that Ivy can't find
>> the metadata in my cache, or in a repository.
> I use ivy:install for this purpose, where the from resolver is a local 
> filesystem with a simple [artifact]-[revision].[type] pattern, and the 
> to resolver is an SFTP or NFS-based resolver:
>     <ivy:install settingsRef="masergy.settings" organisation="${org}" 
> module="${module}" revision="${rev}" type="jar" 
> from="${localjar.resolver}" to="${to.resolver}" />

For anyone else following this thread, I've also just discovered the 
package resolver. If you are looking for a way to replicate a build 
environment reliably without having to ship these downloaded jars 
yourself, then the package resolver looks like a nice solution.

I'm currently setting all this up for a CI environment, so installing 
previously downloaded jars into the repo as per Kirby's response seems 
the most reliable solution for me. :o)

But I am also looking to add an Ivy file to an Open-Source project I 
contribute to, and the package resolver looks like the better solution 
for that.


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