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From Nik Trevallyn-Jones <>
Subject How to Tag Sccs with
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 09:48:37 GMT
Hi All,

With a little help from people here I've got my smaller and dependent 
projects building well, and all is good. Thank you all for this software 
and your help! :o)

So I went to add an extra task to the publish target in my global Ant 
file, to tag the sccs with the newly generated published version number.

The first problem is that is an ivy-only property, and 
so I can't see it from my Ant task.

1. There seems to be no generic way to promote an Ivy property to being 
an Ant property.
In some cases I've already worked around this by defining the Ant 
property first and then defining the Ivy property from that.

For example my task that deletes artifacts published to my local 
repository. Again, Ivy provides no way (that I've found) to do this 
directly, and so I need to somehow share the path information reliably 
between Ivy and Ant.

However I can't do this in this case, because the value is *generated* 
by ivy (ivy:buildnumber").

2. There are a few tasks in Ivy that *do* promote selected Ivy 
properties to Ant properties, but these are all in the resolve workflow 
(eg artifactproperty), and none in the publish workflow (please tell me 
if I've missed something here).

Q1: Can anyone suggest a way to make the resolved 
available to an Ant task? I've even looked at writing the value to file 
and reading it from within Ant, but I can't see any easy way of doing 
this (I consider parsing the XML ivy files in Ant to be hard).

Q2: Has anyone considered adding a task to ivy that will promote *any* 
selected ivy property(ies) to Ant property(ies)?


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