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From efe4itcc <>
Subject Default settings
Date Fri, 08 May 2009 21:37:00 GMT

Hi there

I'm using ant-1.7.1 on WinXP and just tried ivy-2.1.0-rc1 today. I encounter
some difficulties as I try to modify  the default settings.

I do not want to have cache and repo data stored under %USERPROFILE% (not
enough storage left on C: drive), so following the tutorial I have modified

To do that, I added the following to the "antrc_pre.bat" script used by ant
every time.
and also (-Duser.home=D:/.../HOME)

I checked that the property was set correctly via <echoproperties/>

I did not modify any other configuration file.

When I run the examples ("module configuration" in particular), I noticed
the local repo content is not written in my
"${ivy.default.ivy.user.dir}/local/" directory but under

In "ivysettings-local.xml", the default root is supposed to be set to the
appropriate value, but it does not work.
	<property name="ivy.local.default.root" 

If I define the additional property "ivy.local.default.root" in the
"antrc_pre.bat" script, repo directory is as expected.

Why is the property not set? 
Running "ant -v" does not indicate any error (already defined property for

What am I missing?


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