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From Georges Labrèche <>
Subject RE: Retrieving Time Stamped Snapshots
Date Thu, 16 Apr 2009 22:10:54 GMT

I have resolved the issue with two fixes:

Fix number one:
In the repository, the folder containing the artifact (the "1.0-SNAPSHOT" folder) should also
contain the maven-metadata.xml file.
With Archiva this file is automatically included if we choose to generate a POM when uploading
the artifact (which I had not done)

Fix number two:
The value for the changingPattern attribute was erroneous.
It should be ".*SNAPSHOT" instead of ".*-SNAPSHOT"

I hope this helps as a reference!

Thanks and Regards,

   - Georges

-----Original Message-----
From: Georges Labrèche [] 
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 4:54 PM
Subject: Retrieving Time Stamped Snapshots



I'm Trying to resolve my Ivy snapshot artifact retrieval issues and stumbled on the following
archived mail:


Basically I have been having the same issue even when implementing the fix that has been elaborated
by Lez.

I am using Archiva as my Artifact Repository Manager (


This is what I have:


In my ivysettings.xml:


<chain name="archiva-chain" changingPattern=".*-SNAPSHOT" checkmodified="true">

                <ibiblio name="archiva-internal" 




                <ibiblio name=" archiva-snapshots" 





In my ivy.xml


<dependency org="company " name="artifact" rev="1.0-SNAPSHOT" changing="true">

                <artifact name="artifact" type="dll" ext="dll"/>



My snapshots folder in http://localhost:8081/archiva/repository/snapshots/ contains the "company"
folder which itself contains the "artifact" folder which itself contains the "1.0-SNAPSHOT"
folder with the maven-metadata.xml that looks like so:


















In the 1.0-SNAPSHOT folder I have my artifact file: artifact-1.0-20090415.193900-1.dll.


When executing and ivy retrieve from the CLI, the console output informs me that it is trying
to retrieve the following file:


-1.0-SNAPSHOT.dll <http://localhost:8081/archiva/repository/snapshots/company/artifact/1.0-SNAPSHOT/artifact%20-1.0-SNAPSHOT.dll>


Which obviously does not work because such a file does not exist; when dealing with snapshots,
we are using time stamps and the filename of the artifact is artifact-1.0-20090415.193900-1.dll,
not artifact-1.0-SNAPSHOT.dll. Somehow it seems that the resolver is not reading the maven-metadata.xml
file to figure out which time stamped artifact file to retrieve.


I've tried explicitly setting the pattern and usepoms attributes in the ibiblio resolver but
not dice:                            


<ibiblio name="snapshots" 







Any ideas?


Thanks and regards


-          Georges

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