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From Kirby Files <>
Subject Re: ivy:install and source/javadoc artifacts
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2009 19:37:26 GMT
riki.eng wrote on 04/22/2009 03:14 PM:
> Hi guys,
> we are using a simple tool that given some coordinates fetches the jar from
> maven central and copies it in our enterprise repo using the ivy:install
> task.
> I am running into a couple of issues and I was wondering if anybody had
> similar problems (and found solutions :-) ).
> * sometimes ivy:install returns the source jar instead of the regular one.

What is the artifact pattern for your enterprise repo? Make sure it 
contains [type], like below; otherwise it's blind luck as to whether 
the source jar is picked up instead.



> * I would actually like to copy all the jars from the maven repo, the main
> one, the sources and the javadoc ones. I have not been able to do that using
> the ivy:install task.

I think that's because the maven POMs don't always (never?) reference 
the source jars directly [Real Ivy experts can feel free to step in an 
correct me if I'm mistaken]. You might try preferring the Ivy RoundUp 
repository for cases where it has the jars you need. It uses real 
ivy.xml files.


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